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Tracking GHG emissions across investment portfolios - a new frontier


Marcus Aurelius

Find out more here: Tracking GHG emissions across investment portfolios - a new frontier (greenstoneplus.com)

Greenstone is holding the webinar ‘Tracking GHG emissions across investment portfolios - a new frontier’ on Thursday 25 March at 4pm GMT. This webinar, presented by Greenstone’s Head of InvestorPortal Toby Robertson, will discuss how collecting and managing GHG emissions data from portfolio companies is becoming increasingly important and provide advice on where to start.

Reducing the climate change exposure of an investment portfolio has become critical to managing investment risks. Measuring and tracking the GHG emissions, or carbon footprint, of an investment portfolio enables investors to fully understand GHG impacts, identify climate-change related risks and calculate indirect (Scope 3) emissions across a value chain.

Investors who are already measuring environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance across their portfolios say that doing so has improved their own understanding of portfolio risks and opportunities, enables them to report on climate change with confidence and allows them to demonstrate publicly their commitment to ESG as a whole.

Join this webinar, which will cover:

  • The importance and relevance of collecting GHG emissions data
  • Where to start with collecting and managing GHG data
  • How to accurately calculate GHG emissions at Fund or Portfolio level
  • Reporting GHG emissions in alignment with TCFD and TEG guidance
  • Building carbon exposure into your wider ESG strategy
  • How Greenstone InvestorPortal’s GHG emission calculation functionality is helping investors

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